Wildcats Hockey


Wildcats Hockey Coaching Staff


Coach Jake King

Head Coach (Fall 2018 to present)

I am thrilled to be the head coach of the Wildcats hockey program. I am 21 years old and have been playing hockey since I could walk. The game has taught me many valuable lessons throughout the years and I hope to give back to the younger generation of Wildcat Hockey players. I played for 4 years in the Wildcats program under former head coach Nick Boorman. I was All-State 3 times and was part of the SGWL Wildcats winning the DII Hockey State Championship team in 2015, capping my senior year. I am honored to be the next coach of the Wildcats and hope we can have a successful season. Hard work, hustle and heart will be the backbone of myself, the coaching staff and every player in the program. I am excited for what the season will bring. 


Coach Jon Cieri

Offensive Coordinator Varsity and JV- Power Play Specialist (Fall 2012 to present)

Coach Jon Cieri is an enthusiastic member of the Wildcats Hockey Coaching staff.  He has been coaching the team since 2012 and played for the Wildcats all four years of his high school career.  During his playing career he was one of the elite players in the state of Connecticut and one of the best players to ever play for the Wildcats Hockey Nation because of his love for the sport, hockey knowledge, and relentless work ethic.  Coach Jon Cieri brings a ton of hockey expertise to the players, communicates with the players on their level, and brings a winning flare to the program every day.  His playing career is not over, he joins Coach Patrick Derosiers and Coach Nick Boorman on the best men's league team in the state.


Coach Rich Doane

Varsity Assistant (circa 1998 to present)

Coach Rich Doane has lived and breathed Wildcats Hockey longer than anyone.  He has been coaching the Wildcats Hockey Team for over 20 years.  Prior to coaching the team he played for one of the original Wildcats High School teams. Coach Doane is an exceptional mentor for all players in the program.  He especially builds a strong bond with all of the new players.  Coach Doane helps the players reach their potential while giving them a fair and positive experience.  He was our head JV Coach for years up through Spring of 2018. Every JV program around the state always speaks highly of Coach Rich Doane for running a first class program.  Coach Rich Doane is a regular in the Enfield men's league still playing the game he loves every week.